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christen v : administer baptism to; "The parents had the child baptized" [syn: baptize, baptise]

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see Christen




  1. To baptise.
  2. To name.


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Christen may refer to:
See also christening.
christen in German: Christen (Begriffsklärung)

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anoint, asperge, asperse, baptize, bring up, broach, call, define, denominate, designate, dip, dub, entitle, establish, float, found, identify, immerse, inaugurate, induct, initiate, install, institute, introduce, label, launch, lift up, name, nickname, nominate, raise, ring in, set agoing, set on foot, set up, specify, sprinkle, start going, start up, style, tag, term, title, turn on, usher in
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